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Motel Aqua Ribnik

Motel "AQUA" is located along the Ribnik river.

It’s situated on the bank of the river, in the middle of its course. The restaurant has a diverse cuisine, from cooked dishes, grilled dishes, fish specialties and a variety of dessert. In the restaurant complex there are four rooms. The entrance to the rooms is isolated from the restaurant, and the view from the room windows falls on the river Ribnik. Each room has its own bathroom with toilet, and all rooms are double occupancy. The restaurant has private parking only for guests of the motel, where you can safely leave your car. Because of a suitable position (middle carp) you can reach to any point of carp in 20 minutes, and for lovers of fishing this is a special privilege
In the restaurant you can find information about the water level of the river, which flies are actually in the current moment, and which are the appropriate parts of carp for fishing, etc. Also, fishing fans can supply themselves with high-quality flies, because in the restaurant tiers, who have proven their quality in numerous competitions, present their flies. Besides the river, for the rest and recreation are convenient many walkways, which certainly should be visited, the air is clean, and a view of the hill above the motel reveals much of the river flow.